• Welcome to this page! I am a Space Scientist, an independent research scientist and founder of Indus Space based in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).


    I work in a field that combines both space science, geography, and geological analyses. In particular, I use a combination of spatial (location based) and spectral (light interaction) data collected from satellite missions to determine the geological history of planetary surfaces. This analysis is possible using remote sensing and cartographic GIS techniques. Previously, my research topics have focused on characterizing the morphologies of impact craters on several planetary bodies (Earth, Moon, Venus) using data fusion techniques.


    Beyond research, I love to communicate the marvels of space science with the general public through outreach and education initiatives (visit Indus Space for more details). As a GIS user, I am constantly exploring different ways to incorporate GIS tools and visualization techniques to share it with GIS users and learners!


    As a woman in the Space/STEM fields, and of South Asian background, I value opportunities to promote the role of all women in STEM and to inspire future generations to join the STEM community. I am chairperson of Lotus STEMM, and co-founder of WOCSCan

  • Skills

    Research Skills

    • Experience with geo-processing raw data for several types of planetary datasets
    • Experience with compiling and creating high quality thematic and topographic maps within required deadlines
    • Good analytical / problem solving skills
    • Highly skilled in GPS data collection, data entry and data editing
    • Expertise in producing customized maps based on clients requirement
    • Experienced in 3D GIS Visualization and integration with Google Earth products
    • Excellent knowledge to provide technical support
    • Excellent verbal / written communication skills for documentation, training, processes.

    Technical Skills

    GIS Software: Strong GIS skills in ArcGIS10; MapInfo; and QGIS
    Database: ESRI Geo-database, MS Access
    Additional Certification: Esri's Going Places with Spatial Analysis (MOOC)
    Programming/Scripting: Python, GDAL
    Operating Systems: WINDOWS 7&8, LINUX

    Certifications & Training

    • HIGH FIVE® Certified 
    • St. John's Ambulance Standard First Aid & CPR/AED Level C Certified
    • Photogrammetric Processing of Planetary Stereo Imagery using SOCET SET®
    • Introductory Workshop on the Integrated Software for Imager and Spectrometers (ISIS)
    • Esri's Going Places with Spatial Analysis Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
    • Introduction to ArcGIS and QGIS
    • ArcGIS Data Discovery
    • ArcGIS Creating Maps with Google Drive
    • Georeferencing Air Photos (QGIS)
    • Mobile Mapping


  • Research Experience


    Centre for Planetary Science & Exploration

    University of Western Ontario, London ON, Canada

    2008 - 2016

    Tested the effectiveness in utilizing remotely derived datasets in identifying impact generated modifications on the target surface, and structural signatures of impact craters. Conducted surface studies of impact craters on the Moon and Earth using several remote sensing datasets (lidar, radar, UV-VIS-NIR) and data fusion techniques. Investigated the emplacement mechanisms of impact generated deposits from a spatial and spectral perspective on several complex craters with variable central uplift morphologies.


    Worked as a GIS specialist for the research group. Created map products using GIS software, compiled and maintained various geographic and geological datasets pertinent to the study area, and provided technical support for data analyses to group members.


    Participated in the site selection process for several lunar analogue human-sortie and rover deployment scenarios. Managed the GIS visualization for the scientific team.


    Presented findings in 8 conference presentations, and co-authored several journal publications.

    Planetary Scientist

    Scientific Consultant; Sub-contractor

    Canadensys Aerospace Corporation, Bolton ON, Canada

    2015 - 2016

    Provided support for mission planning in the form of data compilation and data visualization. Compiled publicly accessible high resolution lunar mission data. Generated topographic products for analyses and 3D products for sites of interest. Conducted spatial analysis to determine sites that met key mission goals.


    Prepared 2 contract reports and several visualization products in 2D and 3D.

    Project Manager

    Centre of Planetary Science & Exploration

    University of Western Ontario, London ON, Canada

    2014 - 2015

    Worked on the Analogue Robotic Field Deployment: Lunar Prospecting Analogue Site Identification and Characterization contract with the Canadian Space Agency.

    Planned and coordinated several meetings; recorded meeting minutes; coordinated the site selection workshop where data geospatial data was displayed using ArcGIS, and provided science input during the site visit.


    Co-authored 5 contract reports, and 6 contract presentations.


    Department of Geological Sciences,

    University of Minnesota, Duluth MN, USA

    2006 - 2008

    Investigated the global distribution of a subset of circular coronae on Venus.  Compared the morphologies of circular lows with other geological features on Venus with emphasis on structural and spatial characteristics. 


    Presented findings in 4 conference proceedings.

  • Teaching EXPERIENCE

    Short Course Co-instructor

    Centre for Planetary Science & Exploration

    University of Western Ontario, London ON, Canada

    Summer 2014

    Co-instructed a planetary GIS and Remote Sensing short course, introducing basic GIS principles in a planetary context to graduate students and industry participants (15 participants in total). Lessons were instructed using ArcGIS, and Java Mission-planning and Analysis for Remote Sensing (JMars) softwares.

    Teaching Assistant

    Centre for Planetary Science & Exploration

    University of Western Ontario, London ON, Canada

    2008 - 2013

    Participated as an outreach teaching assistant, presenting space-themed inquiry labs and 10 single period space science presentations at local middle- and high-schools within the London School District Board. Developed mapping themed space labs in participation with local high school teachers to meet Ontario Science curriculum. Topics included: Mission Meteorite, Impact Cratering, Mars & Moon Mapping Activities, and Lunar Tides.


    Teaching Assistant for two Dept. of Earth Sciences undergraduate courses (Origin and Geology of the Solar System, Plate Tectonics).

    Teaching Assistant

    Department of Geological Sciences

    University of Minnesota, Duluth MN, USA

    2007 - 2008

    Head Teaching Assistant for the undergraduate course  on Introduction to Geology and Earth Systems. 

  • Outreach Participation

    Media and Outreach

    Interview with CBC Fresh Air: 2020 discussing about Pluto Day, and winter star gazing.


    CTV Toronto (with Anwar Knight): 2018 for launch of RASC and other partners programming at the David Dunlap Observatory with the Town of Richmond Hill.


    Rogers Media London : 2014 for Intl. Observe the Moon Night.

    Soapbox Science

    Participated in the 2018 Soapbox Science Event at Harbourfront Centre, Downtown Toronto.


    Talk title “Guess which planet!? How we use satellite data to learn more about our solar system”


    Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

    Outreach Subcommittee, providing astronomy public outreach at the David Dunlap Observatory.


    Invited talk about the Lunar Farside to the Toronto Centre members. In Oct. 2010.

    Centre for Planetary Science & Exploration


    Outreach assistant teaching inquiry based labs in high schools. 2009-2013.

    Outreach Participant for Space Camp

    Canadian Lunar Research Network

    Participated and Coordinated local events for International Observe the Moon Night in London, ON Canada. Between 2010 - 2015.

    ~ 150 - 200 participants annually.

    Royal Ontario Museum



    Planetary Science Expert for PlanetROM for the Holidays event in Toronto, ON Canada. In Dec. 2015

    ~ 1000 participants

    Sringeri Vidya Bharati Foundation


    Gave an invited talk to high school students at the annual LEVY conference on pursuing Planetary Science as a career in Canada in 2016.


    Served as career panellist during the annual Youth Leadership conference. In Toronto, ON Canada. In 2012, 2014.


    I enjoy making maps and connecting my love for Space Exploration, Travel, and GIS in various ways. Feel free to add these as your favourite bookmarks too!

  • Education

    Ph.D. Geological Sciences (Planetary Science)


    University of Western Ontario, London ON Canada.

    Dissertation Title: A Multispectral Assessment of Complex Impact Craters on the Lunar Farside

    M.S. Geological Sciences


    University of Minnesota (Duluth), MN USA. 

    Thesis Title: A Global Survey of Circular Lows: A Subset of Coronae, Venus. (Minor in Geography). 

    B. Sc. Planetary Science


    University of Toronto, Toronto ON Canada.

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